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"As a seasoned educator, when you have your ENTIRE student body engrossed, attuned and genuinely DELIGHTED

by Mr. Kuniak, I know it just doesn't get any better than that!"

Sr. Judith Kenaan - Principal, St Raphael School



"The Recycling Magic Show was EXCELLENT!  The program was both educational AND entertaining!

I would HIGHLY recommend this program!!"

LaSaune Rayzer - Linden Academy

"All the children were able to participate, even those not actually called on stage!  They were INVOLVED,


Linda Schatzman - Montessori Children's Community

"You were interactive, pleasant and hilariously entertaining! You engaged our students from beginning to end!"

LaVerne Anthony - Beltzhoover School

"The students were "Spellbound" and ENTHUSED about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! All of the teachers made

favorable comments about the wholesome, educational value of each demonstration.

Thanks for the AMAZING show!'

Bernadette M. Skoczylas, Reading Specialist - Johnston Elementary

"Dan was FANTASTIC!!"

Bobbie Stander - Sloan Elementary School

"Thank you so much for the work you do for the PA Resources Council. The assembly shows you do really make

learning fun for the students!  You have a very unique way of making the children understand why we need to protect

our resources.  We were really glad that you could come and do BOTH the environmental Recycling Show AND the

Litter-Bug Show for our school!

We look forward to having you come back and do your Reading and Bullying shows in the future!


Forbes Elementary School - PTA Environmental Committee

"The program was awesome as always!"

Bernie Bileck - Providence Heights Alpha School

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